The Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Advocacy Alliance is an independent voluntary organisation providing advocacy, training and other opportunities for vulnerable people to speak out and have a say about their own interests, services and the decisions made about them.

Our work is led by the people who use our services and not by service providers, and as such there is no conflict of interest. Our organisation is dedicated to developing a culture where all people are treated equally and with respect.

Established in 1995 and based in Nottinghamshire, we are locally focused. We understand and value the needs of vulnerable people within the community.

All our staff are fully trained and highly skilled in the delivery of advocacy. They have exceptional abilities that enable them to listen, understand and put their own values to one side – putting themselves in the vulnerable persons shoes. It is our aim to develop the services currently provided and to initiate new services for those vulnerable people, who at present have no representation.

Your Questions

Below is a selection of the questions we are often asked about our work – we hope you will find them useful, but if you can’t find the answer you are seeking you can ask us a question directly and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Case Study

Bambi Babcock, a course tutor at Discovery, a fitness instructor courses provider, came to us complaining that her employer had told her that she could no longer be a course tutor as she was needed in the office answering the phones instead. We advised her that what they were doing was constructive dismissal and she should threaten to sue them. She went and confronted her bosses with the information we had given her, and was allowed to remain a course tutor.

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